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2/25/16 Great neighborhood turnout for the FIRST EVER public forum on the UM Bus Barn!

Thanks to the great efforts by our ward leaders, Kirk Westphal and Jane Lumm, we finally had the public forum we have been asking for over the past two years! We were able to confirm a lot of the points we already made both yesterday in our letter to the Regents and this morning in our original blog post about the background to this meeting. Here were some of the confirming findings and other surprising comments we heard:

-Jim Kosteva, Director of Community Relations, confirmed the Regents have yet to see a summary of an environmental impact study or a traffic analysis. He noted they do not necessarily see these studies routinely prior to approval of contingent plans but acknowledged some projects do have them.

– Steve Dolan, Executive Director of Parking and Transportation Services, noted the following points:

  • Hours of operation are from 5:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. every day. Volume is less on weekends but still has the same hours.
  • During peak hours, there are 140 vehicles / hour that come in or go out of the area.
  • Buses idle each morning prior to going out on their runs for an operations check by the bus driver.
  • The projected bus depot would not have buses backing into it on a routine basis.
  • Service vehicles would still have back-up signals.
  • There are a total of 1000 vehicles that need to be serviced over the course of a year. Their volume each day is approximately 16-20 Monday through Friday. Many of them are staged in other places across the University campus so they are not all in the proposed location.

– Sue Gott, University Planner, noted they had considered many different sites and felt the Green/Hubbard corner best served the purposes of centralizing the bus activity near North Campus. The green space further to the west toward Huron Parkway would have required a high cost to re-shape the hills to level out the grade for the purposes of mass transit and servicing.

There were a lot of targeted questions regarding concerns about noise, traffic, fumes, and water management but the staff acknowledged that our neighborhood integrity concerns ran deeper. The most cogent comments came from two retired neighborhood members (one city planner and one campus planner). They noted this site plan is not consistent with what should normally be a University of Michigan standard and that it clearly violated the zoning patterns that are commensurate with the rest of the community. (We will leave it up to each of you to express your background and expertise regarding your questions, concerns or comments to Regents. Please Cc in your e-mail so we can catalogue each of them over time. You may also add comments to this Blog Post as well.)

– Hank Baier, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations, concluded the session by saying “It’s a broader issue” regarding the overall mood in the room. In an informal straw poll, all hands went up when asked who was opposed to the current proposal. Mr. Baier stated his team will take our messages back to their leaders for further review. When asked, it was inconclusive as to where the bidding process currently is.

In the meantime, we drew the conclusion that the Regents need to hear more about our concerns in as many ways as possible. A separate link is available for you to send any e-mails to them: As above, please Cc for our awareness as well.

Our friends and neighbors clearly rallied tonight, demonstrating solidarity in how we do not appreciate the lack of input we had in the process and the short-sighted plan for the University of not recognizing and respecting the special place we have in Ann Arbor.

Special thanks go to our elected leaders including Council members listed above and Andy LaBarre, our County Commissioner, who also attended! We greatly appreciate their support and insight.

Easter Egg Hunt 2015 and Memorial Day Parade sign-up

March 29, 2015, 4:30 p.m. hunt with set-up starting at 4:00 p.m.

Glacier Highlands Park on Larchmont Drive

Join us on Sunday at 4:30 for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Each family is asked to bring a dozen eggs per child filled with candy and distribute them around the park starting at 4:00 p.m.

During and after the hunt, we’ll have sign-up sheets for Memorial Day Parade leadership and volunteer positions.


Pumpkin Carving and Bylaws Review/Vote – Sunday, 10/26/14, 3:30 p.m. Glacier Highlands Park

Cider and Donuts will be provided but Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP)!
We will also review the proposed Bylaws for a vote so we can further establish our organization as the Glacier Highlands Neighborhood Association.

If you have any questions, please contact the board members.


Association Vote

May 15, 2014

7:00PM, Glacier Highlands Park

It has come to the attention of the current Executive Board of the Glacier Area Homeowners Association (“GAHA”) that GAHA was automatically dissolved by the State of Michigan in October of 1993.  Although we have not conducted a formal investigation, we understand from our attorney that this was most likely due to GAHA not meeting State-mandated annual reporting requirements or paying the required fees at that time.

In light of this discovery, the Executive Board of GAHA makes the following recommendations in order to permit the Executive Board to dissolve the current entity and bring a new association into compliance with existing State law.  We will hold a meeting at Glacier Highlands Park on May 15, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Any member (person or family owning property in Glacier Highlands Subdivision No. 4) that has paid $20 to Treasurer, Sara Zocher at 3617 Larchmont, by May 15 or who attends the meeting in person and makes payment of the dues to Sara Zocher prior to the start of the meeting, will be entitled to one vote (in person or by proxy) on the recommendations discussed below.


Formal ratification of the administrative dissolution of GAHA: The board is recommending formal ratification of the administrative dissolution of GAHA because:

1. the costs and administrative burden associated with reviving the prior entity would require GAHA to pay numerous penalties and meet administrative filing requirements with the State for the over 20-year period during which time the entity has been dissolved, and

2. reviving the entity would necessitate a substantial increase in membership dues because of the breadth of the prior entity’s legal responsibilities (including enforcement activities), and

3. the current board has received feedback that members would prefer that a new association be formed to focus and spend membership dues on civic events (e.g. Memorial Day parade), social activities (4th Friday Potlucks, etc.), beautification efforts (enhancement of medians and other neighborhood common spaces) and other actions intended to benefit the neighborhood and its social interactions. Formal ratification of the dissolution will permit the members to transfer the assets of the existing GAHA to a newly formed association as described below.

Donation of the assets of GAHA to a newly formed association: In order to collect dues, disburse funds, and carry on other activities, it is necessary that the homeowner’s association form a new legal entity. The board is recommending that the former accounts and assets of GAHA be transferred to the new association, so that the new entity can undertake the aforementioned civic and social activities.

Approval of the current Executive Board and Officers as a transition team to oversee and manage the affairs of a new association until the entity can conduct its first elections: The board is recommending that the members empower the current Executive Board and Officers of the old GAHA to act as a transition team. This transition team would manage the former accounts and assets of the old GAHA until the new association is formed and organized by a projected date of May 23rd. At that point, the new entity will take over the accounts and assets of the old GAHA and conduct its first elections.

If you have any questions about these recommendations, please direct them to Linh Song, current GAHA Board President by e-mailing her at

Parade Volunteers and Background




This is Ann Arbor’s only Memorial Day Parade celebration.  Please consider volunteering by logging into the Sign Up Genius website:

For additional questions, you may contact the association at  As a brief summary, we need:

    • Organizers (any and all are welcome!)

We need all the help we can get! E-mail the association’s e-mail for more information.

    • Barricade Staff (2 coordinators and 18 barricade bosses)

Barricade staffing involves dragging a small traffic barricade into an assigned street at 9:20am, stopping cars to tell them to slow down and watch for kids, stopping all traffic at 9:50am, then putting the barricade by the side of the road after the last of the parade passes.

    • Bike Rope Holders (4)

This is a fun job for anyone whose sons/daughters are going to be riding their bicycle at the back of the parade anyway.  They just need to be strong and not afraid to be firm with eager cyclists!

  • Cards for Overseas Servicemen and Servicewomen (2)

Set up a station at Glacier Highlands Park with (association provided) cards and art supplies. We send over 100 cards each year!

  • Coffee and Donut Stand (8)

Pick up coffee donation, set out cups, creamers, and sugar as well as the all popular donuts!

  • Parade Set-up (4)

Prior to the ceremony, we need folks to be around the park lending a hand in giving out directions and ensuring the tables are set up for the various vendors and participants.

  • Parade Clean-up (4)

After the events, there is always clean-up, of course! Please consider donating your time for this important task as well.