Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

April 19, 2014

It’s time for our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt! To participate you’ll need to bring 12 eggs for every child in your family, stuffed with whatever tchotchkes you have on hand. Families have stuffed eggs with stickers, spare change, bandaids, hair clips, craft items, leftovers from birthday goody bags, you name it. We try to avoid candy and nuts.

A balmy 56 degrees is forecasted for Saturday so don’t let today’s snow discourage you! Please also forward this notice on to friends and neighbors. We are also on the lookout for teens to help hide eggs. Please email me at linh.song @ gmail.com for details.

Glacier Highlands Park (on Larchmont and Barrister)
4:00 – a parent from each family meets at the park, hides eggs
4:30 – other parent and kids join us to start the hunt

– Bring a blanket to open eggs on….last year some kids were upset when they lost their change in the grass. They also like to trade items.
– Bring a snack to share as a preventative measure against sugar highs.
– I’ll have water, cups, and green tea available.
– If the weather’s nice then we can have pizza to be delivered to the park. Please bring cash.

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