Parade Volunteers and Background

Parade Volunteers and Background




This is Ann Arbor’s only Memorial Day Parade celebration.  Please consider volunteering by logging into the Sign Up Genius website:

For additional questions, you may contact the association at  As a brief summary, we need:

    • Organizers (any and all are welcome!)

We need all the help we can get! E-mail the association’s e-mail for more information.

    • Barricade Staff (2 coordinators and 18 barricade bosses)

Barricade staffing involves dragging a small traffic barricade into an assigned street at 9:20am, stopping cars to tell them to slow down and watch for kids, stopping all traffic at 9:50am, then putting the barricade by the side of the road after the last of the parade passes.

    • Bike Rope Holders (4)

This is a fun job for anyone whose sons/daughters are going to be riding their bicycle at the back of the parade anyway.  They just need to be strong and not afraid to be firm with eager cyclists!

  • Cards for Overseas Servicemen and Servicewomen (2)

Set up a station at Glacier Highlands Park with (association provided) cards and art supplies. We send over 100 cards each year!

  • Coffee and Donut Stand (8)

Pick up coffee donation, set out cups, creamers, and sugar as well as the all popular donuts!

  • Parade Set-up (4)

Prior to the ceremony, we need folks to be around the park lending a hand in giving out directions and ensuring the tables are set up for the various vendors and participants.

  • Parade Clean-up (4)

After the events, there is always clean-up, of course! Please consider donating your time for this important task as well.


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