3/5/16 NEW MESSAGE from neA2cc Leadership team

3/5/16 NEW MESSAGE from neA2cc Leadership team

What You Can Do!
Thank you for joining us at last week’s community meeting.  A new group, the Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition, has been formed to lead protest efforts.  The group includes all 5 neighborhoods being impacted by UM’s plans.
A discussion forum has been set up at
The new website with Letters to the Regents, Updates, and more can be found at http://www.nea2cc.org.


Please keep up the pressure and write letters to the UM Regents and President Schlissel if you haven’t already done so.  We know that the Regents are re-evaluating their votes and construction plans based on your letters.  Consider having your children write letters, as well.


We have task forces organizing on several fronts.  Please contact team leaders if you would like to volunteer.

Linh Song – Political Outreach
Susie Bowers – Site Planning
Daniel Beard – Environmental Impact & Sustainability
Sara Zocher – Social Justice
Mark Flanner – Health Impact
Hide Sano – General Counsel


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