Background on athletic campus Marquee and Solar Panels

Background on athletic campus Marquee and Solar Panels


As background, the marquee along Stadium was first proposed and discussed in July of 2012 by the Regents.;size=100;view=image

The announcement of the marquee was subsequently issued by the Ann Arbor news.

When asked about details: “Associate Athletic Director Dave Ablauf declined to comment or offer additional information on the marquee, saying he couldn’t discuss the project unless it was approved by regents.”

The full bid was approved in May of 2013 and subsequently installed.;size=100;view=image

By October, residents noted that it was very distracting to drivers but it was already installed.


The approval and installation of solar panels along Plymouth Road was even less transparent and came as a surprise to many local residents.

Jim Kosteva, University of Michigan Director of Community Relations, said the project was considered an infrastructure improvement, not new construction, and therefore wasn’t announced to the nearby community, outside of media reports.

“What I will concede is that a specific location [of the panels] were not as clear as some would have preferred,” he said.


What are we to expect out of the proposed bus yard?  Concerned citizens have already written down their disappointment with the process and many questions in numerous Letters to Regents thus far.

Details have been scant and the community was not involved until the first public forum for residents to raise the many questions and concerns they had to University administrators.

Out of this confusion and frustration, the North East Ann Arbor Community Coalition has formed. Ann Arbor may be at a tipping point that could actually spur on an improved relationship for city and university relations by putting forth the expectation of community engagement PRIOR to any major projects. You are invited to join in the dialogue.

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    […] University of Michigan Planner’s Solar Panels on Plymouth Road and the billboard sign in front of the Big House were formal announcements to the Ann Arbor community AFTER the bids had been approved with no community input or comment. Now they want to install an industrial bus yard in proximity to a residential neighborhood. (For further background on the first two issues, you may refer to this additional link that includes previous media coverage.) […]

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