3/3/16 neA2cc Petition effort underway along with ongoing Letters to Regents

3/3/16 neA2cc Petition effort underway along with ongoing Letters to Regents

University of Michigan Planner’s Solar Panels on Plymouth Road and the billboard sign in front of the Big House were formal announcements to the Ann Arbor community AFTER the bids had been approved with no community input or comment. Now they want to install an industrial bus yard in proximity to a residential neighborhood. (For further background on the first two issues, you may refer to this additional link that includes previous media coverage.)

After a brief presentation to the Regents with no information regarding the location’s proximity to residential areas, University officials finally provided a public forum. They had not anticipated the tense mood and huge community response they were to encounter by the overcapacity room and still no published traffic study or sustainability report.

Citizens are asked to:

The new Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition is now formed. See the websites for more information and ongoing organizational efforts.

www.neA2cc.org and Facebook at www.facebook.com/neA2cc.

Based on the multiple letters to the Regents already, it is apparent residents want to be heard BEFORE the University does something that will have an impact on our community and neighborhoods. The tipping point may be now. This not just a nuisance along Stadium or Plymouth. For many who have expressed their concern, this plan could threaten the very lifestyle and environment we enjoy as neighborhood communities together as Wolverines and Ann Arborites.

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