2/28/16 – Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition is formed to engage University leaders

2/28/16 – Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition is formed to engage University leaders

Over 60 members of the surrounding community joined together tonight in Green Wood Church to form a new coalition of stakeholders from various residential communities that would be affected by UM’s proposal to move its transportation center and maintenance operations to a site that directly abuts several neighborhoods. Members in attendance included residents from the Green Road corridor of Green Brier, Baxter Court, Glacier Highlands, Waldenwood, and Vintage Valley. Local political representation included State representative Adam Zemke and Ward representatives Jane Lumm and Kirk Westphal. The coalition will be led by a number of interested leaders from the various groups as well as subject matter experts in air quality, noise, light and traffic studies, site planning and visual impact, environmental and sustainability analyses, and social justice issues.


The resounding conclusion from the discussion was that Regents may not have been fully aware of the aforementioned concerns prior to their approvals based on the material they were originally given. Therefore, they probably did not know about the proximity of the planned industrial park to surrounding neighborhoods. As a result, the coalition will continue informational efforts by performing the following tasks:

  • Utilize community networking and encourage neighbors and other stakeholders to write letters to the Regents.
  • Sign the petition that is circulating to raise awareness of the coalition and its cause.
  • Assign and designate individuals that will engage with the Regents at their upcoming meeting on March 17th.
  • Designate a leadership team that will coordinate further efforts and outreach to the community at large.


Excellent community dialogue and discussion ensued during this meeting including brainstorms on different topics via sticky note comments for the many issues of concern. To the left are the questions and thoughts that came up just regarding traffic.

Further details regarding any future meetings will be communicated via established e-mail lists and announcements in social media. The GHNA website will also continue to highlight this effort through ongoing posts.








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