Examples of Letters to UM Regents and Administration

Examples of Letters to UM Regents and Administration

Please send and the coalition will post to the Publicly-shared Drive folder. Be sure to Cc the following address for inclusion: letters@nea2cc.org. This is a great way to share your thoughts and see what others have written as well. Consider listing your credentials in the introductory paragraph so the Regents are aware of any connections you may have to the University as an alum, employee, healthcare staff or other affiliation. You may also use such statements as:

As an alum, I feel…
As a graduate from the University with expertise in …., I would like to…
As a professor in the department of …, I would like to call attention to…


Compliments of Susie Bowers, one of our neighborhood’s architects, we have this file to view on the proximity of residences to the proposed light industrial site:


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