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neA2cc – the North East Ann Arbor Community Coalition

Please refer to the Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition website and social media sites for the most up to date information on the No Bus Yard initiative.

The active link may be found at this URL:

3/5/16 NEW MESSAGE from neA2cc Leadership team

What You Can Do!
Thank you for joining us at last week’s community meeting.  A new group, the Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition, has been formed to lead protest efforts.  The group includes all 5 neighborhoods being impacted by UM’s plans.
A discussion forum has been set up at!forum/nea2cc.
The new website with Letters to the Regents, Updates, and more can be found at


Please keep up the pressure and write letters to the UM Regents and President Schlissel if you haven’t already done so.  We know that the Regents are re-evaluating their votes and construction plans based on your letters.  Consider having your children write letters, as well.


We have task forces organizing on several fronts.  Please contact team leaders if you would like to volunteer.

Linh Song – Political Outreach
Susie Bowers – Site Planning
Daniel Beard – Environmental Impact & Sustainability
Sara Zocher – Social Justice
Mark Flanner – Health Impact
Hide Sano – General Counsel


Background on athletic campus Marquee and Solar Panels


As background, the marquee along Stadium was first proposed and discussed in July of 2012 by the Regents.;size=100;view=image

The announcement of the marquee was subsequently issued by the Ann Arbor news.

When asked about details: “Associate Athletic Director Dave Ablauf declined to comment or offer additional information on the marquee, saying he couldn’t discuss the project unless it was approved by regents.”

The full bid was approved in May of 2013 and subsequently installed.;size=100;view=image

By October, residents noted that it was very distracting to drivers but it was already installed.


The approval and installation of solar panels along Plymouth Road was even less transparent and came as a surprise to many local residents.

Jim Kosteva, University of Michigan Director of Community Relations, said the project was considered an infrastructure improvement, not new construction, and therefore wasn’t announced to the nearby community, outside of media reports.

“What I will concede is that a specific location [of the panels] were not as clear as some would have preferred,” he said.


What are we to expect out of the proposed bus yard?  Concerned citizens have already written down their disappointment with the process and many questions in numerous Letters to Regents thus far.

Details have been scant and the community was not involved until the first public forum for residents to raise the many questions and concerns they had to University administrators.

Out of this confusion and frustration, the North East Ann Arbor Community Coalition has formed. Ann Arbor may be at a tipping point that could actually spur on an improved relationship for city and university relations by putting forth the expectation of community engagement PRIOR to any major projects. You are invited to join in the dialogue.

3/3/16 neA2cc Petition effort underway along with ongoing Letters to Regents

University of Michigan Planner’s Solar Panels on Plymouth Road and the billboard sign in front of the Big House were formal announcements to the Ann Arbor community AFTER the bids had been approved with no community input or comment. Now they want to install an industrial bus yard in proximity to a residential neighborhood. (For further background on the first two issues, you may refer to this additional link that includes previous media coverage.)

After a brief presentation to the Regents with no information regarding the location’s proximity to residential areas, University officials finally provided a public forum. They had not anticipated the tense mood and huge community response they were to encounter by the overcapacity room and still no published traffic study or sustainability report.

Citizens are asked to:

The new Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition is now formed. See the websites for more information and ongoing organizational efforts. and Facebook at

Based on the multiple letters to the Regents already, it is apparent residents want to be heard BEFORE the University does something that will have an impact on our community and neighborhoods. The tipping point may be now. This not just a nuisance along Stadium or Plymouth. For many who have expressed their concern, this plan could threaten the very lifestyle and environment we enjoy as neighborhood communities together as Wolverines and Ann Arborites.

3/1/16 – neA2cc Informational and Social Media sites up and running!

Thanks to the new leadership team, the neA2cc networks are fully operational!


Pay attention to the immediate tasks at hand including:

  1. WRITE A LETTER TO THE REGENTS. Feel free to browse these EXAMPLES. CC A COPY TO

2/28/16 – Northeast Ann Arbor Community Coalition is formed to engage University leaders

Over 60 members of the surrounding community joined together tonight in Green Wood Church to form a new coalition of stakeholders from various residential communities that would be affected by UM’s proposal to move its transportation center and maintenance operations to a site that directly abuts several neighborhoods. Members in attendance included residents from the Green Road corridor of Green Brier, Baxter Court, Glacier Highlands, Waldenwood, and Vintage Valley. Local political representation included State representative Adam Zemke and Ward representatives Jane Lumm and Kirk Westphal. The coalition will be led by a number of interested leaders from the various groups as well as subject matter experts in air quality, noise, light and traffic studies, site planning and visual impact, environmental and sustainability analyses, and social justice issues.


The resounding conclusion from the discussion was that Regents may not have been fully aware of the aforementioned concerns prior to their approvals based on the material they were originally given. Therefore, they probably did not know about the proximity of the planned industrial park to surrounding neighborhoods. As a result, the coalition will continue informational efforts by performing the following tasks:

  • Utilize community networking and encourage neighbors and other stakeholders to write letters to the Regents.
  • Sign the petition that is circulating to raise awareness of the coalition and its cause.
  • Assign and designate individuals that will engage with the Regents at their upcoming meeting on March 17th.
  • Designate a leadership team that will coordinate further efforts and outreach to the community at large.


Excellent community dialogue and discussion ensued during this meeting including brainstorms on different topics via sticky note comments for the many issues of concern. To the left are the questions and thoughts that came up just regarding traffic.

Further details regarding any future meetings will be communicated via established e-mail lists and announcements in social media. The GHNA website will also continue to highlight this effort through ongoing posts.








2/26/16 – Responses from President Schlissel to Linh Song, Councilman Westphal…and many others!

Many people have received letters in response to our inquiries thus far including Linh Song, GHNA President and Councilman Westphal:

Send any responses to so we can add them to the archives.

If you have not done so, be sure to continue sharing your concerns to President Schlissel and the Regents per these links and instructions.

SAVE THE DATE – Greenwood Church (FUMC) on Green Road – Sunday, February 28, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

We are looking at a meeting of interested stakeholders from the various affected neighborhoods to meet this Sunday at the Greenwood Church (of the FUMC) on 1001 Green Road. We recognize the short notice nature of this effort but also have received a lot of feedback on willingness to provide additional feedback in a neighborhood-based forum and keep things moving forward.

We have already seen some nice press coverage to raise everyone’s awareness.

We also recently received a response from President Schlissel acknowleding our concerns. Keep the feedback flowing to both the President and the Regents.

Tentative Agenda –  Green Wood Church (FUMC), 1001 Green Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

1. Introductions
2. Review of Public Forum held on 2/25/16
3. Development of Shared Goals among Neighborhood Stakeholders
4. Action Item determination and taskers
     a. Regents
     b. University
     c. Press
     d. Website maintenance
     e. Petition
     f. Others
5. Conclusion
6. Determination of Next Meeting

Examples of Letters to UM Regents and Administration

Please send and the coalition will post to the Publicly-shared Drive folder. Be sure to Cc the following address for inclusion: This is a great way to share your thoughts and see what others have written as well. Consider listing your credentials in the introductory paragraph so the Regents are aware of any connections you may have to the University as an alum, employee, healthcare staff or other affiliation. You may also use such statements as:

As an alum, I feel…
As a graduate from the University with expertise in …., I would like to…
As a professor in the department of …, I would like to call attention to…

Compliments of Susie Bowers, one of our neighborhood’s architects, we have this file to view on the proximity of residences to the proposed light industrial site:




<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

NOTE: The last e-mail of is President Schlissel’s contact.

Include this e-mail for inclusion as well:

Michael J. Behm
The Law Office of Behm & Behm
209 Schwartz Drive
Flint, MI 48503

Denise Ilitch
Ilitch Enterprises, LLC
222 Merrill Street, Suite 101
Birmingham, MI 48009

Laurence B. Deitch
Bodman PLC
1901 St. Antoine Street
6th Floor at Ford Field
Detroit, MI 48226

Andrew C. Richner
Clark Hill PLC
500 Woodward Ave., Suite 3500
Detroit, MI 48226-3435

Mark J. Bernstein
he Sam Bernstein Law Firm, PLLC
31731 Northwestern Highway, Suite 333
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Shauna Ryder Diggs
Cosmedic Dermatology
17000 Kercheval Avenue, Suite 215
Grosse Pointe, Michigan 4823

Andrea Fischer Newman
Senior Vice President-Government Affairs
Delta Air Lines
Detroit Metropolitan Airport
2601 WorldGateway Place
Detroit, MI 48242

Katherine E. White
P.O. Box 1842
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1842