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Garage Sale

We’d like to organize another neighborhood-wide garage sale for June 2014.  Please contact Sara Zocher for details at sarazocher @  Consider volunteering and creating a Google Map of participants, hanging balloons on participant mailboxes, and posting notices online.  Thank you!

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Easter Egg Hunt

April 19, 2014

It’s time for our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt! To participate you’ll need to bring 12 eggs for every child in your family, stuffed with whatever tchotchkes you have on hand. Families have stuffed eggs with stickers, spare change, bandaids, hair clips, craft items, leftovers from birthday goody bags, you name it. We try to avoid candy and nuts.

A balmy 56 degrees is forecasted for Saturday so don’t let today’s snow discourage you! Please also forward this notice on to friends and neighbors. We are also on the lookout for teens to help hide eggs. Please email me at @ for details.

Glacier Highlands Park (on Larchmont and Barrister)
4:00 – a parent from each family meets at the park, hides eggs
4:30 – other parent and kids join us to start the hunt

– Bring a blanket to open eggs on….last year some kids were upset when they lost their change in the grass. They also like to trade items.
– Bring a snack to share as a preventative measure against sugar highs.
– I’ll have water, cups, and green tea available.
– If the weather’s nice then we can have pizza to be delivered to the park. Please bring cash.

Association Vote

May 15, 2014

7:00PM, Glacier Highlands Park

It has come to the attention of the current Executive Board of the Glacier Area Homeowners Association (“GAHA”) that GAHA was automatically dissolved by the State of Michigan in October of 1993.  Although we have not conducted a formal investigation, we understand from our attorney that this was most likely due to GAHA not meeting State-mandated annual reporting requirements or paying the required fees at that time.

In light of this discovery, the Executive Board of GAHA makes the following recommendations in order to permit the Executive Board to dissolve the current entity and bring a new association into compliance with existing State law.  We will hold a meeting at Glacier Highlands Park on May 15, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Any member (person or family owning property in Glacier Highlands Subdivision No. 4) that has paid $20 to Treasurer, Sara Zocher at 3617 Larchmont, by May 15 or who attends the meeting in person and makes payment of the dues to Sara Zocher prior to the start of the meeting, will be entitled to one vote (in person or by proxy) on the recommendations discussed below.


Formal ratification of the administrative dissolution of GAHA: The board is recommending formal ratification of the administrative dissolution of GAHA because:

1. the costs and administrative burden associated with reviving the prior entity would require GAHA to pay numerous penalties and meet administrative filing requirements with the State for the over 20-year period during which time the entity has been dissolved, and

2. reviving the entity would necessitate a substantial increase in membership dues because of the breadth of the prior entity’s legal responsibilities (including enforcement activities), and

3. the current board has received feedback that members would prefer that a new association be formed to focus and spend membership dues on civic events (e.g. Memorial Day parade), social activities (4th Friday Potlucks, etc.), beautification efforts (enhancement of medians and other neighborhood common spaces) and other actions intended to benefit the neighborhood and its social interactions. Formal ratification of the dissolution will permit the members to transfer the assets of the existing GAHA to a newly formed association as described below.

Donation of the assets of GAHA to a newly formed association: In order to collect dues, disburse funds, and carry on other activities, it is necessary that the homeowner’s association form a new legal entity. The board is recommending that the former accounts and assets of GAHA be transferred to the new association, so that the new entity can undertake the aforementioned civic and social activities.

Approval of the current Executive Board and Officers as a transition team to oversee and manage the affairs of a new association until the entity can conduct its first elections: The board is recommending that the members empower the current Executive Board and Officers of the old GAHA to act as a transition team. This transition team would manage the former accounts and assets of the old GAHA until the new association is formed and organized by a projected date of May 23rd. At that point, the new entity will take over the accounts and assets of the old GAHA and conduct its first elections.

If you have any questions about these recommendations, please direct them to Linh Song, current GAHA Board President by e-mailing her at


The Glacier Highlands Neighborhood Association (formerly Glacier Area Homeowner’s Association), is an all volunteer run organization serving the neighborhood bounded by Glazier and Green Roads.  The group’s primary purpose is to host social functions and continuing a tradition of connecting neighbors for over 30 years.

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Board of Directors

President:  Kevin Bohnsack
Treasurer:  Sandra Wong
Secretary: Teresa Lai

2019 Parade Details

mp_bikeline_2013mp_cardmaking_2013Memorial Day Parade 2013

Monday, May 27, 2019

Streets barricaded, please remove your cars off of the parade route!

9:30AM – LINE-UP
Participants line up at Frederick and Middleton (entrance to Greenbrier Park)

Parade begins and leaves from Greenbrier Park.

Parade Ends at Glacier Highlands Park

A memorial service in Glacier Park follows the parade to honor Michigan service members who have given their lives for our country in the past year.  Scouts will line up for a short remembrance ceremony.  We will parade the Colors and read the names of the fallen accompanied by a singing of “America the Beautiful.”  “Taps” will be played and the colors will be retired. We request a respectful quiet observance from everyone during this time.

Help yourselves to coffee and donuts! We will have food vendors of hot dogs, hamburgers and Kona Ice desserts!


Meet live birds of prey up close as they demonstrate and model their amazing survival characteristics and techniques. Hands-on explorations of feathers, skulls, and other bird parts provide a stimulating introduction to these hunters of the sky.
Leslie Science & Nature Center creates moments of discovery that inspire curiosity, exploration and respect for STEM and the natural world.

Bring cash and checks for your annual dues of $20 as well!

Map - jpg - full size

Barrier Plan







Parade Volunteers and Background




This is Ann Arbor’s only Memorial Day Parade celebration.  Please consider volunteering by logging into the Sign Up Genius website:

For additional questions, you may contact the association at  As a brief summary, we need:

    • Organizers (any and all are welcome!)

We need all the help we can get! E-mail the association’s e-mail for more information.

    • Barricade Staff (2 coordinators and 18 barricade bosses)

Barricade staffing involves dragging a small traffic barricade into an assigned street at 9:20am, stopping cars to tell them to slow down and watch for kids, stopping all traffic at 9:50am, then putting the barricade by the side of the road after the last of the parade passes.

    • Bike Rope Holders (4)

This is a fun job for anyone whose sons/daughters are going to be riding their bicycle at the back of the parade anyway.  They just need to be strong and not afraid to be firm with eager cyclists!

  • Cards for Overseas Servicemen and Servicewomen (2)

Set up a station at Glacier Highlands Park with (association provided) cards and art supplies. We send over 100 cards each year!

  • Coffee and Donut Stand (8)

Pick up coffee donation, set out cups, creamers, and sugar as well as the all popular donuts!

  • Parade Set-up (4)

Prior to the ceremony, we need folks to be around the park lending a hand in giving out directions and ensuring the tables are set up for the various vendors and participants.

  • Parade Clean-up (4)

After the events, there is always clean-up, of course! Please consider donating your time for this important task as well.


Parade Participants

mp_2013_huron_drumlineColor Guards 2013mp_firetruck

All are welcome to enjoy the six-block, 20 minute parade, which is exciting and fun for children and families. Highlights of past parades include a squad car from the Ann Arbor Police Dept., a City fire truck (with siren), American flag color guard, local dignitaries, volunteer drum line from Huron High School, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, neighborhood businesses, and more. Homemade floats (decorated toy wagons) are welcome, and children ride their red, white and blue decorated bikes. Families with baby strollers bring up the rear of the parade, and there is an easy shortcut to the park. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet neighbors, elected officials, and enjoy the beginning of spring.  

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Best Float
  • Best Bike
  • Best Costume